Keith Stapleton
Board Member

Keith Stapleton was born and raised in STATEN Island, N.Y. where he grew up in West Brighton (Markham Gardens). He then Migrated to Marlboro N Y for 4 years and then moved back home to Staten Island in 2001, where he now resides and is employed as driver for Coca Cola Bottling Co.

Keith was educated in the New York City public school system.  He attended Susan E. Wagner High School where he received a Regents endorsed diploma.  He went on to attend Wagner college and Lehman College where he received a total of 49 credits before he was forced to leave school to raise his family due to his motherís untimely death. 

Mr. Stapleton is a single father of 4 children, with a daughter at Temple University and a son at Georgetown University; he is also an assistant track coach and former football coach which he has been enjoying since 1993. 

Keith loves to work with the youth in his community and believes that, " if they are taught to have respect and love for others as well as strong character and good moral judgment the youth of tomorrow will lead us into the new millennium."

Mr. Stapleton is on the Executive Board of Brothers Care Inc.  Mr. Stapleton enjoys coaching, football, fishing, computers, raising his children and spending time with family and friends.


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