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Kelvin Dinkins

Mr. Kelvin Dinkins was born in the borough of Brooklyn. He grew up and was raised in Far Rockaway, Queens.   Kelvin became a resident of Staten Island in 1992 and still remains. 

Kelvin attended Murray Bergtraum High School where he played varsity baseball.  He was awarded an athletic scholarship to Erskine College in Due West South Carolina.   Kelvin enjoyed playing college ball as well as the experience of being away from familiar surroundings.

Kelvin has been a NYS Corrections Officer for the past 14 years, and he understands the need for community involvement with our youth of today.    He believes, "if there are no structured activities and programs put in place for our children it allows too much idle time.  Idle time will eventually lead to, too MUCH TIME!!!" 

Kelvin ran the Josh Gibson Little League from 1999 to 2002 in West Brighton.  In 2002 Kelvin merged the Josh Gibson Little League with the Track Masters Youth Club to form the Staten Island Hurricanes. 

Kelvin has seen the benefits of these programs for the children that participate.  He believes the leadership skills and work ethic that can be gained from team sports and community involvement is valuable to our children. Kelvin loves spending time with family and friends but does not mind a little peace and quiet.


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